Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Today was a hugely busy day for me. I woke up late for school and had to rush out the door with my hair in a ponytail and no makeup. I did, however, use this opportunity to try out the romper--the thinking man's unitard-- a trend that Seventeen online swoons over. After all, what could be better for a person with no time for fashion than an article of clothing that comes all in one piece? World's easiest outfit, except for peeing. In that forum its the world's most difficult outfit. Unfortunately, I didn't get to snap a picture of myself a-rompin'. I did, however, capture my onesie, er, romper, on video. (See below.)

I spent the better half of my afternoon engaged in prom related activities. I went to the florist to order my boutonnière. I researched hairstyles online. I got my eyebrows waxed.

Seventeen Prom suggested that I shape my brows 5 days before prom. I wasn't aware of this timetable until I got the magazine yesterday, so it came as a shock to me when I realized how far behind schedule I was!

I was going to pluck my eyebrows myself, but I figured that since I was running behind on the schedule it might be okay to get them waxed at a salon, that way I wouldn't have to worry about them turning out poorly. Not wanting to defy Seventeen in any way, though, I consulted with the website before committing to waxing. It turns out that Seventeen does approve of waxing, or at least that's the conclusion that I drew from this article on their website. I decided to go for it.

The ladies over at Salon 39 were kind enough to let me record the ordeal. Honestly, the video is pretty boring. Its 15 solid minutes of hair removal. I'll admit, laying on a plastic table in a toddler outfit getting hairs ripped out of my face with hot wax is not one of my proudest moments. Still, I decided to post it to make up for the lack of romper pictures.

**Not to be a huge tease, but I can't figure out how to upload a YouTube video that is more than 10 minutes, and I don't know how to edit a Quicktime movie to a shorter length. Thus, there is no video for now. Here is a still from it. If someone can help me out a little (tutorial somewhere?) it would be greatly appreciated!**

Here is the after picture:
They look pretty good I think. I was worried about getting that perpetually surprised look, but I think I'm in the clear. Please excuse the non-Seventeen-approved frizz. The humidity here is killing me.

Some other (non-waxing) stuff:
  • I did an interview with the nice people over at I Heart Daily. Click the link if you want to read it.
  • CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: I am looking to create a list of teen friendly products and media that "get it." I hope for this list to serve as a resource to girls (and parents) who are looking for an alternative to the stuff marketed at teens today. If you know of any movies/books/media/institutions that seem to understand teenagers in a way that Seventeen doesn't, please send your recommendations my way! These don't necessarily need to be media created for teens, just media that is accurate of its portrayal and understanding of the teenage experience. If you are company that makes an innovative, teen-friendly product, also feel free to contact me. I'll link to everyone that contributes!