Monday, June 7, 2010


Today my friend Erinn and I came down with some sudden cases of truancy, took the day off from school, and tried Seventeen's suggestion to go on a tandem bike ride. We couldn't get a tandem bike due to the last minute nature of this excursion, so we rode side by side on individual bikes on the canal towpath in Lambertville, NJ. My camera died on the trail, so our journey is undocumented. This is disappointing, because the recommendation was excellent. I have absolutely no complaints or criticism about it. Thanks Seventeen! I would love to see more things along these lines included in the future issues of the magazine.

In an effort to counterbalance the previous pro-Seventeen paragraph, I will have you know that for lunch I had a massive chocolate ice cream cone into which I dipped curly fries. Afterward, I did not talk about how fat I felt, or how "bad" I was for eating it. I will eat whatever I want in moderation, and I will not let any magazine's limited idea of what is beautiful stop me; I suggest you all do the same, or find another way of thinking that makes you feel good about being you!

Hope those of you currently experiencing summer climates are enjoying the warm weather.... I certainly am!

P.S. My friend Andy is working on an awesome academic project about self-evaluation and realization of power. He is under a tight deadline (Wednesday) and would REALLY appreciate if you could help him by taking his SHORT FUN SURVEY.