Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Last Day of High School

If there is a blogging equivalent to the AMBER alert, can somebody please activate it on my behalf? My camera charger has gone missing. What this means for me is that my room is now a pristine sanctuary, devoid of clutter-- a happy byproduct of my attempts to locate said charger. What this means for you is that today's post is, er, somewhat minimalist. Definitely lacking in the sort of aesthetically pleasing fashion photos that make a Seventeen girl like me go weak in the clean-shaven knees. Fear not, though, I'm buying a new charger tomorrow.

Today was my last day of high school. I still have finals and graduation to look forward to, but today was the last day of really being pushed through the hallway-classroom-hallway-classroom channel. I honestly can't say that I'm not glad the experience is over. I feel like the final two years of the American education system should be restructured toward something much more practical and "real-world" oriented. School has felt a lot like being babysat lately.

My final day passed very normally. I wore another tribal outfit, this time one that included a dress with a jaguar on it from H&M. I wore my hair in a top knot. I wore waterproof mascara in case there was any crying, but it turns out that nobody seemed to be overwhelmed with too much emotion about leaving a place that forces 18-year-olds to sit in tiny chairs and ask for permission to use the bathroom.

Tomorrow I have a free day, so I'll be heading into Philly to do some shopping, and to try a few of Seventeen's suggested "Summer Fun" activities. I plan on dressing appropriately "fashionable" and taking plenty of photos, so stay tuned.

On an unrelated note, I noticed that shaking my issue of Seventeen yielded FIVE pieces of business reply mail. These cards are really annoying, and Seventeen provides you with a bounty of them. I figured I'd provide the world with one of my own. Feel free to print this out on card and add it to magazines or something. This is mostly just me being goofy and nerdy.

Picture 15