Saturday, August 14, 2010

Katy Perry's Teenage Dream: Not Mine

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I'm not a fan of Katy Perry as an artist. A month or so ago, I found myself turning to Facebook for help making sense of her video for "California Gurls," a degrading confection of lollipop licking, naked cloud laying, and low production value. Her songs are Frankensteins of lyrical clichés, grafted together with infectious pop beats. Along with her conventionally adorable appearance, these catchy beats are probably what make her songs a perpetual fixture in every retail store I've been in in the past month, and I'm shopping for freshman year at college, so that's a lot of stores.

Issues aside, I can't get enough of Perry's music, and I resent myself for it. In my defense, her songs are what can only be described as, "so fucking catchy." I find myself listening to them in my bedroom at least daily. I don't, however, listen to them in the car, in fear of a passersby hearing her voice through my open window and catching Perry fever. Honestly, I wish her music didn't exist. I imagine that the bulk of her listeners are teenage girls, an audience that really doesn't need more media enforcing the idea that women are merely sex objects and appearance reigns king. I'm not saying we can't take it, I'm just saying that we probably don't need it. Her music, however, does exist, and I am still listening to it. Lucky for me, her new video for "Teenage Dream" is a cesspool of misrepresentations of adolescence, so I finally have the chance to redeem myself somewhat in pointing how it goes wrong in capturing the true "teenage dream"....
The song begins with the lines, "You think I'm pretty/without any makeup on." At this point, I'm bobbing my head and telling Katy, "Yeah girl! Reject those societal conceptions of beauty!" But then she's all, "You think I'm funny/when I tell the punchline wrong," and suddenly I'm like, "Nooo Katy you don't have to be dumb to be funny." Then this guy is introduced, who is clearly not a teenager. He is the only thing in the video that is likely to ever make a cameo in any actual teenage dreams. Probably in this state of dress too.
Next they drive around and wave to their ultra-hip, also non-teen friends. One of these friends wears a Native American headdress for no apparent reason. Nobody wears their seatbelt. Chiseled Perry boyfriend speeds. Katy sings some generic lyrics about love and being ready to totally do It with him.
They go to a motel and have sex. It is appropriately PG-13 to ensure that people will blog about it.
At the end of the video, Perry says, "Let you put your hands on me/in my skin tight jeans/be your teenage dream tonight." I don't know how much thought was actually put into the meaning of these lyrics when they were being written, or if it was just a matter of a convenient rhyme, but I am somewhat bothered by the use of let. Ultimately, I don't think sex should just be one personal finally relenting and letting the other person do them, but a matter of mutual desire and consent between both parties. This sort of, "fine...we can fuck" attitude isn't the best to promote as a component of the teenage dream in my opinion.

In fact, the entire video seems more like a teenage reality than a teenage dream. Teens drink. They party. They drive around in cars. Hopefully not in that order. Teenagers have sex with each other. Dreams are supposed to be aspirational. Teens I know dream of careers, college, and great loves that do not reach their pinnacle with motel sex. Perry's teenage dream seems like something more nostalgic, thought up by a team of people way past their teenage years, dreaming of what it was like in their youth. Part of me is sad, though, that these are the conventions of adolescence they come up with, especially when the people listening to the song are only likely to have just begun their teenage experience.


  1. I look at the word "let" as less of a sign of relenting and more of a sign of control. She is in control and he is only getting to put his hands on her because she is *letting* him do so. And also, the line "You think I'm funny/when I tell the punchline wrong" seems to be more about him loving her and thinking she's funny even when she's not doing everything perfectly, you know? Not thinking she's funny because she's dumb. That's just my 2 cents. I don't really care for Katy Perry either, so thanks a lot for introducing me to another way too catchy song. :P

  2. Oh, I also wanted to comment that I think the whole concept of wanting to live forever in a "teenage dream" is ridiculous. I vividly remember being a teenager and a good 80% of the time it SUCKED. Constantly trying to fit in, not being able to, going through that stage of depression, peer pressure bullshit, realizing that high school isn't anything like the real world and just wanting to be done with it... I mean, I suppose there are a few good things about being a teenager (namely, very few bills), but I wouldn't go back for anything.

  3. I think I am most confused/disturbed when adult pop stars perform songs as if they were teenagers. I thought music was about writing and performing your feelings and emotions... what are all these 20 somethings doing singing about high school?

  4. It's so funny that Katy Perry called Gaga's "Alejandro" video cheap and blasphemous, while vomiting out fluffy, meaningless autotune lyrics in the uninspiring "California Gurls" video. She did all this while wearing a bra with whipped cream cans attached to the cups.
    Gaga's videos are laden with message and subtext, often including some subversion of sex/sexuality. Perry will be forgotten within ten years, while Gaga's music will influence a generation for a lifetime.

  5. It's very sad that whoever dreamt up this video thinks this is really what teenagers dream about. Perhaps some do, but when I was a teen I more often than not dreamed of moving away and getting a job-but that wouldn't make a very good music video. Plus, whoever commented saying being a teenager sucked was absolutely right! Best days of your life, my ass!

    I don't understand why Katy Perry can't sing songs about being/act her own age. Days of being a teenager are far behind her! I find this just as disturbing as pre-teen popstars who sing about more 'grown-up' subjects.

  6. Katy Perry thinks that just because she's wearing a silly costume she's being ironic. Sad.

  7. I totally agree - I love Katy Perry's music because it is fun and catchy and hilarious. But I am fully aware that the sterotypes she promotes are unhealhty and everything she sings should be taken lightheartedly because her lyrics are promoting some pretty revolting ideas. Sadly, a lot of people aren't able to sepearte the song from the negative message and it actually influences them.

  8. So, I have a slightly different take on this song, and I also despise Katy Perry and totally agree that her songs are "so fucking catchy" against my best efforts to like them. However I think this could be one of her better songs. Not that it doesn't have problems, and I totally agree with the issues with the first line, but for the most part I think this song could be relatively harmless and depict a young adults sincere feelings about a person she's just met.

    I'm 24, so a little ways from being a teenager, and the way I take this song is that it's a young adult (maybe 20s or early 30s), who just met someone she's interested in and she's surprised that she can still get those feelings of crazy butterflies and almost a giddy sense of love and happiness when she's with this person. I feel like often as you get older it gets harder and harder to find someone you can really get that head-over-heels infatuated with, the person you want to go "all the way" with really soon into the relationship, someone you can just let yourself completely go with, and when you do it makes you feel like a teenager again. Even if this wasn't the experience you had as a teenager, it's the stereotype of the "Teenage Dream" that you're experiencing as a young adult. So I don't think the people in the video are supposed to be teenagers, or the actions/feelings she's describing are supposed to be done/felt by teenagers, but by herself at the age she's in reveling in the fact that she can feel like a teenager again.

    I don't know, that's just my take. I totally agree with the reckless driving part of the video though, and the completely unnecessary faux-Native American pieces. That's where Perry loses me again...

  9. Everything else aside, that is just an awful song. When I want fun and catchy, I turn to the Pipettes. Cliché, but at least they're tongue-in-cheek!

  10. This doesn't really look like a teenage "dream". At least, it's not one of my dreams. This video is sort of telling teens that it's okay to act like this and that this is the way teens are supposed to act. I know this might be Katy Perry's idea of a "teenage dream" but I think it just sends the wrong message.

  11. I find it interesting that "Let you put your hands on me/in my skin tight jeans/be your teenage dream tonight" could just as easily have dropped the "let you" and turned the line into more of an imperative-- put your hands on me, let's do It, yeah! I think that's a slightly more empowering option.

    Honestly this is the first time I've bothered listening to the lyrics. Maybe I've read too many romance novels, but the lyric "I finally found you/My missing puzzle piece/I'm complete" may have more than one entendre...

  12. I'll admit I haven't actually heard this song in it's entirety, and maybe I'm seeing something that isn't there, but the image of the older guy and her as a "teenager" makes me think of pedophilia. Because we need more images that sexualize underage girls ... thanks, Katy!

  13. She's less of a 'teenage dream' and more of a 'peadophiles dream'. Her whole adolescent love-fest, pink girly wirly fluffy wuffy kins attitude at the nearly 25 years old terrifies me.

  14. What music videos like Katy Perry's seem to do is not just promote an unrealistic image of what being a teenager "should" be like (sex, partying, etc.), but they also promote the idea that the teenage years are universally same to all. Meaning, the lives of all teens are centered around fantasizing about sex, focusing on hair, clothes, and makeup, and apparently, driving around wearing headdresses. I guess this might be because a shared experience means that it's easier to market things to more teens without having to worry about pleasing all the varieties of teenagers that we know are out there.

    Fantastic blog, Jamie! As a fellow Philly-burbs resident (Doylestown), your writings especially hit home for me. Plus it's pretty surreal to see places like Fonthill and Lambertville on the Internet without me actively looking for them, haha. Keep up the good work!

  15. I think this song is more about being in love like your young even when your older, and isn't really trying to push the idea of teen sex. She says "You and I will be young forever" right before going into the chorus, and her use of "You make me feel like I'm LIVING a teenage dream" shows that she's taking the relationship as one that is fun, playful and full of love even at a more mature age. I do admit that many probably do not take it that way and just see it as another song about teenage sex, but I'm not entirely convinced that's all it is.

  16. To me the video makes it seem like the "teenage dream" doesn't refer to what teenagers themselves dream about, but what perverse post-20s men lust after... This is just (semi-) psychological pornography.

  17. ... That's pretty much a correct sum up of the teen dream! That's why teens do these stuff in the first place and for the record: Dreams and aspirations are two separate concepts!!! Sure I would like to be the CEO of some huge company and earn lots of money but not right now when I just started freeing myself from adult supervision. God can't you imagine how horrible it would be if you actually got the chance to
    waste your teen years in careers or constantly worrying about college! Fuck, I know, I'm actually not a teen anymore as of this month but I'd never exchange my teen years for anything else!!! Fuck aspirations, I've got a whole life ahead of me to worry about those...

  18. I agree 100% with what this Anonymous person wrote:

    "I think this song is more about being in love like your young even when your older, and isn't really trying to push the idea of teen sex. She says "You and I will be young forever" right before going into the chorus, and her use of "You make me feel like I'm LIVING a teenage dream" shows that she's taking the relationship as one that is fun, playful and full of love even at a more mature age. I do admit that many probably do not take it that way and just see it as another song about teenage sex, but I'm not entirely convinced that's all it is."

  19. I agree with some poeple's take on this...she is reflecting on her adult relationship and how it's "like" a teeneage dream b/c it's so fun and new. I wish she would have depicted this idea more in the video versus showing her hanging with teenagers.

  20. Again,interesting post^^

    I don't like Katy Perry,and this video too 'cause I think she's too "old" for singing something about teenager XD

  21. I don't care for Katy Perry either; I think she's hippocritical and does promote the wrong kinds of images as a female. However, I think you may have interpreted this particular song a little differently than intended.

    When I first heard the song I assumed that she meant that the particular relationship she is in makes her feel like she's in a teenager's 'dream.' The kinds of dreams that are driven by teenaged hormones. So not dream as in what a teenager desires, but literally a dream one has when they are asleep. I gather that the relationship is characterized by a feeling of giddy recklessness and hormonal urges.

    Thus, in the video she has a bunch of adults doing silly things on whims to embody the kind of feeling-driven impulses she feels in the relationship. This is akin to a teenager's dream in particular because they are in a more tumultuous hormonal state.

    DON'T KNOW MAN. Just the way I interpreted it. And I also agree that, to me at least, the use of the word 'let' makes it sound like she is in control, not yielding because of pressure or anything. Also it's probably just there for an extra syllable to make the verse sound better with the tune :/

    Again though, overall I think the video / Katy Perry in general are blek and send the wrong kind of message. But, I do disagree with your analysis of the song. :D

  22. I think using the word "let" emphasizes the control she has of herself in her relationship and how her partner respect it. While it does promote the stereotypes of the 'horny boy' and 'moral girl', she is marrying a self-confessed sex addict.
    Instead of commenting on the dreams of actual teenagers, I think the song talks about a relationship where she's experiencing first love all over again. It feels new and fresh even though she's been through it many times before. I also don't think there is anything wrong with teenagers wanting romantic relationships, it is possible to dream about uni and love at the same time!

  23. Stop analyzing it!
    Just sit back, relax and enjoy the fucking music.
    You're taking it way too seriously.
    Katy Perry's music isn't deep. It's light and cheerful and fun.
    Her music is targeted towards teenage girls. And for her it's just a fun way to reminisce. She's only 25.
    The whole laughing when I tell the punchline wrong... it's not about her being dumb... it's supposed to be almost endearing, cute. We've all done it before, right?
    I want to say more but I'm afraid to get in too deep. You just sound so judgmental and cynical and it kind of annoys me.
    I'm 14. I wear makeup because it makes me FEEL pretty. I like looking pretty. Is it so wrong? And what's wrong with wearing a Native American headdress? It gives kids confidence, the sense of freedom and immortality. Why do you wear earrings? They serve no real purpose.
    This song... it's true. It's something we've all experienced or have hoped to experience.
    And if you deny that, you're probably lying.
    There's tons more I can say but I know this post is messy enough and I just needed to get this off my chest and I feel ugh...
    Stop taking stuff so seriously... and then I will too.

  24. ...


    You should blame Lukasz Gottwald, Max Martin, Bonnie McKee and Benjamin Levin for their capitalisation on sex in teenage culture.

    I love the tiny amount of research that goes into all these opinion pieces and their replies.

  25. I don't really know if you are over analyzing the song, or just not analyzing the song in th write way. She is singing as an adult. My teenage years sucked. However, I do remember that STRONG feeling of "LOVE" for a "BOY" whom I thought was so perfect in every way...even though he was a complete asshole. So as an adult, you realize that ignorance is bliss. Those feelings you were able to have as a teenager just don't come that easily anymore. Adults become very synical, especially when dealing with the opposite sex...The question then becomes, "Can you find someone that can make you feel like a "teenager in love". Can someone in your adult life be your teenage dream come to reality?

  26. I love Katy Perry's music. Well, I loved it. Look up all the lesser known songs in her first album, One of the Boys, and you'll find quite a few gems. Now her music is pure crap. I totally agree with this article. The only song I sort of enjoyed listening to off her new album was Hummingbird Heartbeat, and even that had a few lines which left my jaw on the floor. Mind you, I'm a nineteen year old Hispanic chick living in Miami. Not much should shock me, and not much does, except the depletion of quality in Katy Perry's music. It all faded so quickly.

  27. It seems that the takes on this song really depend on your perspective. I, too, almost feel guilty that I like this song. A lot about it repulses me, but it's so... fucking... catchy. Ugh.

    Anyway, looking from a decade or so removed from my teens, I must say that the sexual overtones didn't really bother me that much (other than lamenting at how simplistic and uncreative they are) because I saw it as "looking back" song rather than a "this is the way things are" song. As for myself, my teenage fantasies were a lot more simplistic and uncreative than they are today... The problem seems to lie in the fact that it was written for/is marketed to current-day teens.

    I still wish that I hated this song, though

  28. I'm at the cliché age (if still unsure see the name of the magazine you so satirised), and to the people saying teenage years were the hardest, I have to say I disagree. Yes I admit there is confusion on how to handle body parts/hair/odour in a variety of complex situations which may cause distress, but personally I take it as getting over that hump in the years it is forgivable. Yes, I do take into account not everyone has the perfect teen experience but it is a pain hearing people generalise when I am perfectly happy to remain this age for the rest of my life - to not feel complete responsibility of my actions, but still retain a portion of control, to be able to make stupid mistakes and sound like an idiot, but also to be able to take a personal and intelligent opinion on complex ideas.

    ALSO I took this song to be about an actual dream. I'm talking nightly emissions dream. There are so many hormones in high school, often a lot of confusion about sexuality, a lot of desires, and I really just take this song to be about her getting all that from him. To me it's nothing about the "dream" in a looking into the future/ideal way sort of thing, but more of a this is the sort of thing I had awkward dreams about at this age.

  29. your opinion sucks. shut up.

  30. I agree with k. shea peters! Also 25 - song is more about being older than a teen but having a somewhat care-free attitude like a teen (at least how I've interpreted.

    There are definitely still some other issues with the song (especially the video) that Jamie addresses and are important.

  31. This postcard was sent into PostSecret this week and it reminded me of your blog

  32. Actually, this song was not talking about katy perry and her boyfriend being actual teenagers. The use of "Teenage" in this song was talking about the fact that this boy/relationship made her feel young and youthful maybe even fresh love could have been the meaning.
    The Native American Head dress seemed was probably because they were having fun and being free.
    The word let didn't mean that she was just saying "fine...we can fuck", it was about respect and that she was finally comfortable and ready to be fully open with him.
    Some teenagers do party and drink and drive but not all, some do in fact, dream of doing just those things.
    Im sorry that you think there is only one "teenage dream", while you and your teenage friends were dreaming of college and careers other were dreaming of falling in love and partying.
    Next time you should listen to a song and think of all the aspects and not only take the extreme feminist way of thought.

  33. shut up and get back into the kitchen. we need less of you ultra-crazy probably alone feminists and more housewives.


  35. I sorta agree with this and then again not AT ALL. The point of the 'teenage dream' is that its about dreaming of being with someone forever in other words being in love. And that when your a teenager in an illusion of being love its basically a giant dream and you feel excited and open and free.

  36. The song is SO catchy and cute - WHY oh WHY does the video have to literally show her and this guy about to have sex and then kind of almost portray it as "typical"? Geez

  37. Personally, I love Katy Perry. I think you made a lot of valid points, but I do think there's more too this song. It's about feeling a way that you haven't felt since you were a teenager. It's about not holding back and falling completely, whole heartedly, and totally in love.

  38. Oh for the love of Christ, people need to stop comparing Lady Gaga to other pop stars as if she is something other than that. Her songs are just as cheap, tawdry and void of any real meaty subtext. She's a pop star. It's what they do.

    Anyway, I am closer to Ms. Perry's age than you are (23 to her 25. Maybe 26 now? I don't know for certain.) It's not only bizarre to me that she's singing about ~teenage lurve~, it's disturbing. You're 25. It gives me some freaky pedo vibe, although I'm positive it isn't her doing. I just wonder why she agrees to produce this kind of stuff. The things people do for fame, I guess.

  39. Tremendous posting and inspirable.
    I take this song is that it's a young adult (maybe 20s or early 30s), who just met someone she's interested in and she's surprised that she can still get those feelings of crazy butterflies and almost a giddy sense of love and happiness when she's with this person. I feel like often as you get older it gets harder and harder to find someone you can really get that head-over-heels infatuated with, the person you want to go "all the way" with really soon into the relationship, someone you can just let yourself completely go with, and when you do it makes you feel like a teenager again. Even if this wasn't the experience you had as a teenager, it's the stereotype of the "Teenage Dream" that you're experiencing as a young adult.

  40. You guys are all way to concerned with her song.... I guarantee you that 90% of the teenage population that listens to this song doesn't watch her video and think to themselves "Gee, this is degrading" or something. Chill.

    Now that I'm in my 20's, I've been shown all this music I was never shown as a child. (My Mom listened to Top 40 and my Dad listened to Country... I really had no chance) But I'm starting to see that music doesn't affect people the way it used to.‎​ People don't riot over someone anymore (minus Justin Beiber, but that's just sad). Music in the 60's and 70's and even the 80's meant something. The artists were truly artists. Today, you slap a rapper on a car, throw in a couple big assed girls in gold bikinis, toss some money in the air and you have a new number 1 hit. Its sickening.

    The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Joe Cocker, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Who, David Bowie, Bob Marley, Tom Petty, Van Morrison ... Nobody does it like them anymore.

    The Beatles are the best group of all time. They are iconic legends that will live forever thru their music. The Beatles album "Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band" revolutionized the music world. Its STILL considered a masterpiece and is the #1 album on the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time list in Rolling Stone Magazine. Where the fuck will 50 cent be in 20 years? Or Miley Cyrus? Certainly nowhere near that kind of talent. Nobody makes the history books anymore. Yeah, sure, Lady Gaga is the new Madonna and is a huge hot sensation now, but will she still be a household name like any other of the bands I mentioned? No.

    Sadly, music isn't about anything anymore. It doesn't cause worldwide influence like it used to. Yes, there are many talented people out there now that may, at some point, reach that level... But so far I haven't seen any.

    Just my thoughts.

  41. Whoever that sees more in the lyrics of Katy Perry's and Lady Gaga's music and videos than it really is, gives this musicians too much credit.

    These musicians/performers are great at marketing their image and themselves.

    But these musicians offer nothing of great value to their followers (mostly teens, and unfortunately some tweens and children)

    Beyond promoting sex at early age, it is just a piece of crass lyrics and Reality TV sensationalizing attitude and careless living.

    Both of these woman (born two years apart) and far from teens themselves will be as remembered as Carmen Electra or Lene Nystrøm in the 90's.

    "Who did you say?"

    Nothing to hear or see here!

  42. i think that katey perry does sometimes sing to much about sex/sexuality but, lady does it way more. i agree that katy's californis girls video was ver degrading but this song in general i beleive isn't and she is just saying that he loves her "when she tells the punch line wrong" shes not saying that he likes that shes dumb. saying she is living a teenage dream i think she is saying that she feels like she is in love the way she was when she was a teenager not implying that she is a teenager or her boyfriend is

  43. i like men......:)

  44. Amy, Tori and Rachel rock! :)

  45. Id fuck the shit out of katy perry

  46. I was kinda appalled when I saw this vid.
    I mean it was basically just them having sex in front of a camera, but nothing much else.

    Then I realized, it's not a teens dream, but an older man who still has adolescent fantasies.

    I like her first album more, where it sounded like she gave a damn about women and not being a sex barbie.

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  48. I just stumbled upon your blog and am totally surprised that I just read an entry on Katy Perry at all. Glad I did... You're a great writer. Funny Stuff.

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  50. OK, first of all, some of you need to learn how the pop music industry works. It has nothing to do with what Katy Perry feels, believes or dreams of. These songs are written by people (not the artist, in most cases) who write lyrics because they think they will market well to a certain demographic, or better, to a wide array of demographics. Now, on the surface, it may appear that Perry's demographic is teenage girls, and from a genre standpoint, that makes some sense. But in reality, much of pop music appears to a wide array of people of different ages, genders, etc.

    What's more, many of these pop-chick super-hits that we hear on the radio today are the work of one music producer, Dr. Luke, who himself is a 38 year-old man, not a teenage girl. He has produced many of the hits of artists like Katy Perry, Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Britney Spears, Myley Cyrus, Ke$ha, etc. He's a genious producer who has the formula down pat, and is very skilled at getting that pop "sound" that hooks you. And let's not forget, it's called "pop" because it appeals to a broad audience, for a variety of different reasons through a variety of different interpretations. So, don't read too much into what Perry might have been thinking with this song, think instead of what the guys in suits who market this stuff were thinking.

    By the way, I love this song, and I'm a 40 year-old guy and a musician. It's got a great beat, extremely hooky lyrics and melody, and incredibly produced vocal tracks (you just have to accept AutoTune these days, as it's everywhere). And yeah, middle-aged guys find this song kinda hot because it brings back the days of youth, first girlfriends, and knowing that those days of pretty young girls in "skin tight jeans" are gone forever.

    And I don't know what was degrading about the video. It basically shows attractive young people being sexy, in love and having fun. There's nothing degrading about that. It's a bit ideallic, but not degrading.

  51. I completely agree with you. As much as I really love her songs I don't understand why she sings such terrible yet CATCHY songs. She can and has done waaay better than Teenage Dream.

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  53. The line ‘be YOUR teenage dream tonight’ grabbed my attention, leading me to believe that it is not the teenagers dream that the song is referring to, but the dream of the older man to sleep with a teenage girl. Just a thought.

  54. To those who thinks of this as a pedophile dream YOU ARE A SICK INDIVIDUAL. more likely than not the meaning (if there is one, it might just be a fun and cheerful song to listen to) has nothing to do with old men wanting a version of their'teenage dream'.

  55. What an amazing music video from my idol, Katy Perry. You totally rocks!

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