Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Search for Teen-Friendly Media

Throughout this project, I've been asked by friends and press alike, "If teens shouldn't be reading Seventeen, then what should they be reading?" I've put some thought into this question, and the answer that I've come up with really isn't as cut and dry as a good answer usually is. There isn't a whole lot of teen-specific media on the market "getting it right" when it comes to providing teens with content that is entertaining, relevant, age-appropriate, and not entirely demoralizing. Seventeen makes an effort, but falls short of achieving this goal by addressing teen girls as a monolithic block of people with a unified interest in nail polish, dieting, and winning the attention of swoopy-haired boys. If the perfect piece of mainstream teen media did already exist, it'd be unlikely that I would have ever even found myself motivated to begin this project in the first place. There just would not have been a need.

In an effort to explore some less-mainstream alternatives to Seventeen that are available on the market, I put out a call a few weeks ago on my blog for information about teen-friendly media. Besides this phrasing, the only other qualifications for submissions that I required was that anything submitted must "get it" when it came to addressing teens and the teenage experience. This vagueness was intentional. In failing to define the term media, submissions ended up ranging from movies to music to books to innovative advertising campaigns. People also took liberties with the term teen-friendly, frequently submitting content intended for more general audiences, but that teens could also enjoy without feeling looked down upon or excluded. Ultimately, the amount of submissions that I received from everyone ranked somewhere on a scale between ridiculous and very ridiculous. I decided, for my sanity, to only include on this list things that teens might use in their life as a supplement to or replacement for Seventeen.

What this list is not is a pearl-clutching list of child-friendly fluff. The content included does not consider teenagers to be ignorant to world trends and complex ideas. Thus, if you are a parent or other adult, you may choose to preview this content before sharing it with the young person in your life, though it is likely that their knowledge of these subject areas exceeds your expectations.

I've organized everything loosely into categories for your browsing convenience. Each suggestion is attributed to the person(s) who submitted it. If there is no name, it is a personal recommendation of mine. Feel free to leave additional recommendations in the comments, and I'll add them in as I see fit!

The most logical direct substitute for Seventeen.
  • Shameless: As their website puts it, Shameless is, "Canada's independent voice for smart, strong, sassy young women and trans youth." As one Seventeen Magazine Project reader put it, "I've always thought of this as sort of the anti-Seventeen." (Submitted by Heidi, also Kim.)
  • Justine: If you find Shameless to be too progressive, but can't stomach Seventeen, then you might appreciate Justine, which includes real girls in its pages and focuses on careers and books as much as it does on beauty products. Not perfect, but a definite step in the right direction for younger teens. Link. (Submitted by Brenna)
  • Bitch: Though not specifically geared toward the sub-18 set, Bitch has plenty to offer bright, older teens who don't spend all day in their rooms inhaling nail polish fumes and gazing at photos of Justin Bieber (i.e. most of us). This "feminist response to pop culture" includes really interesting book, film, and movie reviews. If anything, this is the closest thing that exists to what I'd like to see Seventeen become. It's hardly high-level, and hardly radical-- just good content in an enjoyable package. (Submitted by Dominique, seconded by me)
  • Teen Voices: A really fantastic biannual magazine, Teen Voices tackles everything from sex trafficking to college essay writing to social networking. Articles are written by and for teen girls, which helps the magazine avoid coming off as patronizing, as content written for teens is wont to do. Teen Voices does a fantastic job of treating teen girls as a real, dynamic humans, not a flat set of stereotypes. (Submitted by Laura)
  • Sadie Magazine: Sadie deliberately positions itself as an alternative to the hair-and-makeup model of teen magazines. In their mission statement, they say that they strive to empower young girls, not train them to consume. I kick myself for not thinking of this brilliant way of phrasing things, and fully support this line of thinking. Even more awesome, their "centerfold" section actually features interviews with women who are out in the world doing kick-ass things. (Submitted by Anna, and others!)
  • Bust Magazine: Bust is a lifestyle magazine that treats its readers like they actually have a life. That is, Bust is full of interesting articles and fun activities with which to fill one's time, not just makeup tips and advertisements. While not technically for teens, I would say Bust's overall message is far less harmful than that which Seventeen sends. It really depends on what kind of parent you are though. I think I'd rather expose my kids to swear words and sex talk than the belief that their natural appearance is inherently flawed. That's just me though. (Submitted by literally everyone I know)
  • New Moon: This magazine has nothing to do with the Twilight series. In fact, I'm not sure if New Moon magazine's mission could be farther from that of the consumerist Twilight propaganda. New Moon is an ad-free magazine that challenges girls aged eight and older to confront cultural stereotypes of physical beauty and pursue self-discovery and creativity. I am not one for new-agey things, but this sounds incredible. I wish there was a version of this for teenagers, or even for women.
Like magazines, but on the internet!
  • The F-Bomb: A blog for teenage feminists, written by teenage feminists. What I particularly like about this concept, besides everything, is the fact that a number of girls contribute, so instead of a single party line, you get a complex discourse on the past, present, and future of feminism. (Submitted by Claire, also Miranda)
  • Women's Glib: More bright young women writing about feminism! Also, beauty, education, ageism, government, reproductive rights, masculinity, and a ton of other stuff. Reading this blog makes me so excited to see what my generation will accomplish.... I have no idea where you ladies live, but if you read this and are ever in Philly and want to hang out, email me or something! (Submitted by Miranda)
(books, online, and otherwise)
  • Scarleteen: Scarleteen offers facts about sex for teenagers of all genders and sexual orientations. That's it. No political or moral spin. No connotations. No partisan funding. The writing is casual and often funny. What I love is how the site treats sex as something neither dirty nor sterile, and still manages to communicate its consequences, a rarity in the teenage world.
  • TeenHelp: Like writing into a Seventeen for advice, except questions actually get answered, promptly, by non-profit volunteers. TeenHelp doesn't shy away from topics like disability, eating disorders, and rape, but you can also check the site out for general chatting about pets, sex, gaming, and hobbies. (Submitted by Imogen)
  • Savage Love Podcast: You can absorb the gospel of Dan Savage, the voice behind this podcast, in the form of a blog, a column, or an iPhone app, but personally I prefer the podcast. Newcomers beware, Savage's brand of advice is not for the weak of stomach or closed of mind. Uncensored and brash, he readily tackles any question thrown at him. On first thought, this may not sound ideal for teen listeners, but he frequently fields calls from the younger set, and what I like most about his responses is that he takes care not to talk down to us. Dan Savage tells it like it is, euphemism and sugar-coating free, a welcome reprise to the candy-coated, pinkified bullshit that is so often sold to us as teens.
Obviously, there is much more content out there that teens can look to for advice and entertainment than the few items included on this list. In lots of cases, what I would recommend is that teens look outside of the teen world entirely, and instead look into the world of interest based content. For instance, if you like photography, why not subscribe to Popular Photography? Into science? How about checking out Wired, a personal favorite of mine? I think that sometimes in their attempts to market to us, mainstream media tends to trap teen girls into a box, both interest and intelligence wise. The items on this list do a good job recognizing my peers and me as a diverse group among ourselves, but I'm not sure how bad it would necessarily be to sometimes allow us to just assimilate into society as a whole. I'm going to put some more thought into this, but sometimes I think that the notion of a separate teen culture is actually hurting teens.


  1. I intern and mentor at Teen Voices and I love it there. I'm so lucky to be at a place who encourages girls to be who they are! Love your blog BTW!


  2. Jamie, I LOVE the way you provide a wide range of choices. Teen girls should know there are lots of places to gather information from, the more perspectives, the more ideas to draw from. It's so important for teens, and children for that matter, to know there are lots of possible correct paths to follow. As parents we need to help our children find those paths. Bravo, Jamie for opening our eyes to these great resources!

  3. Great list! I'm interested in reading more about feminism, so I'll definitely check out a few of the links you posted.

    I'm guessing you read Tavi's blog, right? Chock full of incredible stuff. Sure, it's technically a fashion blog, but there is so much more to it than that. She's only fourteen, but she just completely GETS it, you know? I think she deserves a spot on your list!

    xoxo Hannah

  4. A few more blogs teens may enjoy: The Sexist (Washington City Paper), Feministe, Tiger Beatdown, and of course Feministing are all fabulous feminist blogs--they all cater to a slightly older crowd, but I enjoyed Feministing as a high school student, and all four websites explain why certain cultural tropes, ad campaigns, etc. are problematic in very clear, interesting ways, in addition to talking about political issues). CollegeCandy, Jezebel, and The Frisky are a bit more of a mixed bag, but they cater to young women, focus a lot on pop culture, and all have some very smart, funny, and young feminist writers (Jessica Wakeman at The Frisky is especially great).
    And for the younger teen crowd, was pretty fantastic when I was pubescent (not that long ago). There's lots of advice, great comics about various teen issues (sex, peer pressure, gender, drugs, puberty, etc.), and clear explanations of almost anything a 13-15 year old may be wondering about.
    Jamie, your blog is wonderful, and I'm so glad you've compiled this list!

  5. I really love your blog and what you're doing. I think it's a really positive movement and its really refreshing to see it being set forth by relatively close to my age. I read those magazines as a younger teen and knew everything about beauty, but literally had nothing fulfilling to do with my time. I'd much rather have had some suggestions about things to do to fill my days, or some information on... well, just life to put it vaguely. These magazines have such an opportunity to start including things like world issues and current events in a way that teen girls would be interested in them and they've so far done nothing. I really hope your voice is heard on a major level! I wish you all the best in your future endeavors with this and other projects!

  6. I've been following your blog ever since it was posted on BoingBoing, and it is probably the best thing I've seen this year. As a teenage girl who is being pressured to get into mainstream, Seventeen-style teen girl culture by her own mother, I am SO sick of the current state of things- of all the mass media marketed to other girls my age treating those of us who fall outside their norm as some kind of freakish mutation to be quickly passed over. You did a great job of showing exactly how ridiculous the media's average teen girl is.

    A great resource for stuff concerning body image and how the media, advertising especially, likes to portray women is I'm not sure where you'd classify them. They have a blog, but that is definitely not all there is to them or their website.

    I'll definitely have to check out the other links you put up. Thanks so much for putting them together!

  7. why don't you make a demo magazine with everything you think should be in a teen magazine.

  8. There's a site called which is an alternative online magazine for teenage girls. Everyone should check it out!

  9. I think that most teens who are too mature for Seventeen read adult stuff. I'm 19 now, and throughout my teenage years, I've read magazines like National Geographic, Newsweek, and Scientific American. I did often read books from the young adult section, because there's plenty of age-appropriate, intelligently-written stuff there (as long as you stay away from Gossip Girl and the like). Nowadays, though, plots about high school seem irrelevant to me, so I just read adult fiction. Everything aimed at college students is, for the most part, junk.

    I'm glad, though, that you found some magazines that are still aimed at teenagers but aren't stupid. For socially progressive teens, I'd add GOOD magazine to the list. It's an optimistic, well-written magazine about social issues like education and environmentalism. It's not aimed at teenagers by any means, but it'll inspire you.

  10. Thanks for list of sites. As someone going into teaching and very much interesting in helping teen girls move past what Seventeen defines as their self-worth (i.e. your looks and ability to attract males), your insight is of great help!

  11. Jamie - thanks for including New Moon Girls in your recommendations. We love what you've done with your blog, too! People might like to know that we've been named New Moon since 1992 and that we chose the name because of the moon being a symbol for girls and women in every culture and across millenia - not to be new agey. Although we have nothing against new agey, that's not our mission or the reason for our name.

  12. Thank you for mentioning New Moon magazine in the list of recommendations! It's a great magazine for girls of many ages!

    Guinevere, New Moon Girls magazine Girls Editorial Board member

  13. I don't see what's wrong with Seventeen. I love fashion and the fun attitude of the magazine. The august issue, I just got, got me really excited to start the school year.

  14. I'm so glad you found New Moon Girls! Not only does the magazine have younger girl members, but many teens also subscribe. It's such a positive environment, and many girls have attested that they don't know what they would do if they didn't have New Moon Girls in their lives!

  15. This is what's wrong with Seventeen magazine: you just got the August issue in JULY and you are now excited about the upcoming school year!

    As an adult looking back on my own teen years, where I read Seventeen magazine, I can tell you that I felt that exact same way. How long does that feeling match reality? Into the middle of September? The middle of October, when the next seasonal fashion change happens?

    You feel excited because that is what that magazine is designed to do, cause excitement about the next seasonal fashion change, the next color scheme to buy make up for, the new boy friend you might meet, the social drama that you will encounter, the dance you might attend, the new kids in school you might meet. It feels great until it doesn't match reality, and then they come up with the next seasonal fashion edition for winter, with new fashions and new colors, and what to do for holidays and maybe a new boyfriend? Then after that doesn't match reality, they hit you with the next hopefully optimistic seasonal fashion change of spring, then summer and all the trivialities that come with it, like whether or not you should wax your bikini line or what you should do to get rid of that embarrassing hair on your upper lip or how to get rid of acne or what to do with smelly feet.

    What happens when you grow up without money like I did? It leaves you hopeful that you can get what you need and want and all you need to do is "fill in the blank here____". That life will be great as long as you can find a way to get "_____" and as long as you do "_____".

    It's about consuming, it's about consuming the next fashion, the next color scheme, the next season, the next big school "must have", the next boyfriend, the next girlfriend, the next beauty flaw fix, and on and on and on.

    That is a TERRIBLE message to send to young girls! Girls are bigger than that!

  16. What a great idea for a blog! I work for Teen Voices, and it's wonderful to highlight girls who made a difference through activism and smarts, instead of glorifying appearance. So important to have good influences out there.

  17. I really like this, except I feel like you're implying that feminism is the alternative to the Seventeen mindset, and I really don't think it is. There are other ways to avoid mainstream media without believing in feminist ideas. I can't really express my opinion on here without angering someone, so I'm just going to leave my thoughts at that. For now.

  18. Hi Jamie! Thank you so much for listing New Moon Girls Magazine! I am on the GEB (Girls Editorial Board) for New Moon. It is a really fun community of girls who help and encourage each other through our online community. We have been working to create a community of girls who feel safe and confident, which is what we achieved, thank you again, and feel free to subscribe to our magazine:)

  19. Thank you for doing this! I have two daughters who both read New Moon but have outgrown it. I've been looking for "the next magazine" but really didn't know how to start. I sure do appreciate the work you've done to compile this.

  20. Thanks for the Women's Glib shout-out! Most of us live in NYC but if that changes, meeting up for coffee is in order. -- Miranda

  21. If I know Jamie she'd travel to NYC for a coffee:)

  22. Hi Jamie! Thanks sooo much for listing New Moon Girls Magazine! I'm on the Girl's Editorial Board for the magazine. We really appreciate you helping us! Thanks again! Luv, Rachel

  23. Like Rachel and Nneoma, I was on the GEB (girls editorial board) of New Moon until I graduated last month. Thank you so much for listing us here! Though the magazine and site target younger girls, we still appeal to tons of girls in their early teens. I really recommend for people to check it out! :)

  24. Thanks for mentioning New Moon Girls! And congrats on a great project. I'm an intern for NMG right now, and we appreciate the shout out! I would like to say that we do have some teenage members; our reach extends from 6-14 or so. Also, we have an extensive online site that has helped us take girl empowerment to the next level. The internet is where so many young people hang out these days, and we think it's important to have that component! Anyway, thanks again, and keep up the great work!

    Celia, NMG Intern

  25. Like a few other girls on here, I'm an editorial board member of New Moon Girls! Thanks so much for mentioning it in your list -- it's great you've found all this positive media :)

  26. Thanks so much for mentioning New Moon Girls! Please note that New Moon is for girls ages 8-15, and does cover some teenage topics. I'm a member of the editorial board, and I'm 12 years old. Most of the other girls on the board are 10 and older.

    ~Molly, Girls Editorial Board member

  27. Prime time for you, Tavi and some magazine interns to launch a Sassy mag.

  28. Hey guys! I didn't get a chance to submit this, but if there are any girls out there looking for a beautiful magazine with actual witty substance I'd recommend checking out australian mag Frankie. It's not necessarily a 'feminist' magazine but it keeps me entirely sane in a world full of cosmo and cleo type magazines. Also a testament to its greatness, it's actually very popular among men as well as women.

    Take a look at their website/blog to get a feel for what it's like!

  29. Thanks for including TeenHelp in your list!

  30. Thanks for mentioning New Moon! We also have a website - Also, I'd like to add that we have several teens up to age 16 on our website. Thanks again!
    Hanna, a New Moon Girls Editorial Board

  31. I've been fortunate enough to work at Teen Voices this year as an Americorps VISTA and it's been such a rewarding experience! Being at a place that encourages and allows girls to be themselves has really been so inspiring!

  32. This is so amazing, I'll have to try some of these magazines!! New Moon especially is such an AWESOME place. I'm really glad that as a 12 year old I've been able to use New Moon as an incredible resource since I was 9. new moon does have a web site,, where older girls can help younger girls by answering Ask a Girl questions and writing on message boards--all in a safe environment. Girls up to 16 are 100% accepted on New Moon and encouraged to share their experiences with other younger girls. Also, the magazine is always an interesting read...Thanks, Eden, from the New Moon Girls Editorial Board

  33. I tried visiting the Shameless website but encountered an "unsafe webpage" alert from my anti-virus. Did anyone else encounter the same problem?

  34. i've gotton new moon for years... they went onlline and now are geared to girls 8-10. if you can get back issues i would because now it is not as great as is was.

  35. Thank you so much for supporting NMG!!!!!

  36. I am sure New Moon is fabulous for most tween situations, but a word of warning:
    My school librarian ordered some samples to consider it as a replacement for American Girl magazine. She asked me to look at them because I work with a lot of girls that age. I thought they looked really great until I hit the article about a girl who wore a pin to school about loving her vagina. While I think this article was fine for middle school and older girls, but not for the 8-11 year olds at my school.

    I did really like a lot of the other things I saw in the issues I looked at. It really made me miss Sassy magazine.

  37. I'd be a little wary of Dan Savage. Most people, but many teens especially, are in a state of weirdness about body image in one way or another, and Savage is not known for being very accepting of those who's body images don't fit the very narrow standard.

  38. AceJournalist, I agree with you. There's nothing wrong with Seventeen magazine. Jamie, I like that you suggested these as possibilities not only to replace Seventeen, but also to supplement it if readers see fit. I'm too old for Seventeen, but I like fashion, make-up, and men. I spend a lot of my disposable income on clothing because I think it's fun to put outfits together and I use it was a way of expressing my creativity. But, I also love economics and politics. I do wish there were more magazines (for teens and adult women) that covered everything, but, for the time being, I don't see anything wrong with enjoying a magazine like Seventeen. I think the issue is that there's some sort of implication (in society) that Seventeen provides girls with everything they need and that there is something wrong with not enjoying a magazine like Seventeen.

  39. I discovered your blog today - I love it! You're located in Philly? If so, same here :)

  40. I used to read New Moon but it started to really get on my nerves- a lot of the girls can find sexism in everything (or at least in the old issues they could) and then it went really website-oriented.

    Kiki is a pretty good magazine for girls 8-14+. Their logo is "for girls with style and substance," and while they do post outfits in their mag, but it's not very consumerist.

  41. Oh, and for girls 9-14+, check out a brand nw we-zine, Spirit of the Moon (yes, it is sort of inspired by New Moon); its URL is

  42. Ooops I meant to type "e-zine," not "we-zine" :P

  43. By 'teens' you mean 'teen girls', right? Not that boys shouldn't read all of those things as well, but you're kind of ignoring a whole group of people by assuming the word 'teen' to mean only girls.

  44. Congrats for unearthing some gems, so thrilled to see New Moon and Teen Voices represented here among other smart picks!

    As long as you're on 'smart teen friendly media' don't miss Amy Poehler's web TV: "Smart Girls at the Party" and Deborah Reber's blog "" And of course for creating a confidence community of actionist gal pals.

    I love the idea of a 'wish list' for smart media picks...and if you EVER want to do a guest post for Shaping Youth (or crosspost this one for that matter) I'd be honored Jamie!

    Keep up the great work, just tweeted this. Best, Amy


  45. One more TOTALLY authentic 16 year old teen girl who's becoming 'one to watch' for her candor, YouTube channel and heartfelt musings (and her nonprofit We Stop Hate efforts to be real and transparent) See Emily-Anne Rigal's work (aka Schmiddlebopper) on Tumblr:

    She's bold, media savvy and leveraging ALL to create quite a "be yourself" indie message for teens.

  46. The Midwest Teen Sex Show is another awesome source for sexual health information and comedy.

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