Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Some favorites from this week!

Hey Mainstream Media!  I am...

Hey Mainstream Media!  I am...




  1. I especially like the last one. I mean, it's all the same kind of thing, but when I'm reading an article and I think, I swear I read this same thing like five months ago, that really annoys me.

  2. I love the first one... but now I need a new idea

  3. Thanks for posting my photo Jamie ! xo (from girl #2)

  4. i would also like to thank you for posting mine.

    <3 girl in photo one.

  5. Instead of seventeen what should teenagers be reading???


    Teenagers get enough pop culture jammed into their brains with television and the internet, they don't need 500 magazines with the same information.

  6. I absolutely loved New Moon when I was in its age-bracket, and I have since passed on my old issues to friends' siblings, they're timeless. I highly recommend that any parent of a girl ages 8-14 order her a subscription!

  7. Hmmm, what should teenage girls be reading? This is a good question, and I hate the fact that I have no solid answer. There's plenty to read online; books; blah blah. But maybe you want just want a glossy magazine that's nice to look, light to carry and read casually and that has short pieces about all sorts of different things. There have actually never been more magazines than there are today (though they're owned by a small number of publishers, perhaps!).

    Spend a half hour at a bookstore that has a large selection (or a newsstand if you live in a big city). Flip through magazines you've never heard of. You likely will not find specific magazines that both target your age group AND aren't full of the usual makeup/boys/skinnygirls/expensivefashion/shallowness because you, darling, are worth so much marketing dollars that they just have to make you want stuff -- and feel like you need more stuff -- or it might mean you'll spend less! ;)

    My favorites as of last year (and there are even more out there!) are not girl-oriented, such as SEED (a scientific approach to topics, with great pictures, and is interesting to read), and GOOD (topic changes with every issue).

    Female-oriented magazines like BITCH and BUST could be worth checking out. They definitely have a "progressive" stance about women but hey, SEVENTEEN also has a stance (you should improve how you look without regard to who you are as a person), though they won't tell you that.

    Fashion and pretty-things-to-look-at magazines? There are tons, and they often include a lot of cool stuff that SEVENTEEN doesn't, like music and stuff from all over the world. PLANET can be interesting; COLORS is sometimes shocking -- and bilingual! Flip around, you'll find something.

    When I was a teenager, I read ADBUSTERS but I think it made me a lot more depressed than I already was. (I still know the world to be a crazy and f*ed place like I did back then, but my view now isn't so annihilating as it was then! I loved the cynicism in it, though now I think cynicism is a problem in itself!)

    Even before I was a teenager, there was an amazing "alternative" magazine called SASSY which was soooo cool AND still had stuff about boys and beauty, just not dumb boys and lame beauty. It disappeared in the mid 90's (actually it got bought by some lame magazine and changed for the worse).

    Some girl in 7th grade showed me my first 'zine (homemade magazine made by a xerox machine and your hands or a typewriter) and I was blown away! I love zines to this day, but the BLOG is basically the 'zine (made by YOU and published by YOU for FREE) but looks better and is easier to find. LUCKY GIRLS TODAY! Hehehe!

    Best of luck!